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Who is Ruby Rosen Travel?

Taylor and Rebecca met as undergrads and bonded during endless hours in their studios while they pursued their shared passion for fine arts (Rebecca as a sculptor and Taylor as a painter and photographer).  Their fine arts degrees and sustained interest in the art world make them  perfect destination guides.

As new mothers, they relate whole heartedly to what family vacation should be... and to the necessity of a kid-free romantic getaway.

This team is young, enthusiastic, creative … and they’re also experienced.


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Ruby Rosen Travel

Taylor Ruby

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The Facts:

  • I’m a trained Pastry Chef and my husband is a Chef. We can pretty much eat our way through any city. Go ahead and ask me for recommendations, just be ready for a long list.
  • I am unsure if working in luxury hotels made me the hotel snob I am today or if I was a hotel snob that followed my passions into luxury hotels.
  • My husband asked me “why bother with club level access?”  Now he loves it!
  • I will pretty much swim in any body of water in front of me, I believe this is a blessing and a curse!

After college, Taylor transitioned to a career in hospitality with restaurants in Napa Valley, New England, and foodie hotspot Charleston, South Carolina, where she managed Leisure Sales for the acclaimed Belmond Charleston Place Hotel (formerly part of the Orient Express Group).  Taylor then moved to Atlanta for a management role at another worldwide leader in luxury travel, The Ritz-Carlton. Representing this impeccable brand, Taylor established herself in The Ritz-Carlton’s global network of top sales representatives and has personal travel industry connections all over the world.  

With her vast knowledge of hospitality and life-long passion for travel, Taylor made the decision to become a Travel Advisor and uses her love of adventure, beach days and culturally inspired cuisine to curate unforgettable experiences for all her clients. 

rebecca rosen

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The Facts:

  • I’m a former yoga instructor and avid practitioner.  When I travel, I like to take yoga classes to stay balance.  I keep a list of the best places to practice everywhere.
  • My main background is restaurant hospitality.  I’ve worked at everything from a local farm to table restaurant to the hottest NYC nightclub.  I know where to eat and where to find the right experience (and can book the best tables). 
  • My husband and I are avid long-distance cyclists.  We often travel to places where we can set up bike tours to see the sites.  I love finding different ways to experience a destination, to see it from a new view.
  •  I want you to be the envy of all your friends.  The destinations I plan will make your social media feed break the internet!

Rebecca has spent her life dreaming of where to go next and talking to anyone and everyone about her ideas. From family trips around the Northeast, she has since expanded her travels across the United States, venturing overseas to Europe, South America, Asia, and plans to conquer the rest one destination after the next.  

Rebecca’s passion for planning her travels has led her to be an expert resource to her friends and family for advice on how they can have some of the same experiences.  What’s the best way to haggle with a tuk-tuk driver in Chiang Mai?  Should I get the fried conch at that beach shack on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua? Can I really hike through Cinque Terre for the stunning views I saw on your Instagram!?