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Travel Week Top Picks #3: Backroads

Backroads Bike.png

Backroads has been in business 40 years and is one of the premier top notch adventure travel tour groups.  Whether you are exploring by bike or on foot you'll immerse yourself in the experience of the landscape.  Trip designers spend countless hours putting together itineraries that showcase the destination from a new point of view. You'll spend your days seeing the sights and reconnecting with yourself, then kick back in your perfect accommodations.



Redwoods Family Multi-Adventure Camping Tour

We love that Backroads offers Family adventure for all ages.  You'll bike, hike and kayak your way along Northern California learning about the Redwood ecosystem.  At night you'll "glamp" under the stars with lots of s'mores to go around.


Thailand's Golden Triangle Classic Bike Tour

Spend 8 glorious days biking through Northern Thailand.  Southeast Asia is one of our favorite destinations, and what a great way to see the culture and landscape from a different perspective.  You'll get behind the scenes tastes of traditional Thai food, work with local craftsman and wander the colorful night markets.  Wind down at the end of the day with a refreshing beer on deck of your premier hotel room.


Provence Culinary Walking Tour

Hiking through mountain ranges and perusing the most charming streets in Southern France are what this Culinary Walking Tour are all about.  You'll discover regional farmm-to-table secrets and taste olives right from the grove.  Michelin Star dining is of course part of the itinerary as is hands on cooking classes with local chefs.  A perfect mixture of activity and leisure.