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Frequently Asked questions


Why Would I Book Through You Versus Online?

When you book online through a discount site, you never know what you'll get.  We have direct relationships with hotels around the world, and our reservations receive preferred treatment.  It's the difference between getting the room with the nice view…and getting the room next to the ice machine.


Do You Charge Fees For Your Services?

As with most professional travel advisors, we charge a planning and research fee.  The fee is on a case by case basis depending on your needs and the elements of the trip.  You have access to our time in research, management, communication and support   We will be your personal touch and security with a live voice to be your advocate if any issues may occur.  Our personal relationships all over the world become a direct line to you receiving preferred pricing and amenities.  

If you are interested in a hotel-only booking, we can provide this service complimentary.  If you would like to expand on this using our knowledge and contacts to arrange activities, dining, spa and show reservations, we charge a reservations management fee.  We can do as little or as much as you need.


What Is Your Speciality?

At Ruby Rosen Travel we specialize in the client.  That's you!  So what you want, is our specialty.  Your best days ever.
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How Does The Process Work?

As an independent affiliate of Brownell Travel, we use the Discover More process to tailor each experience to the specific needs and desires of the client.  You can find more information on our Discover page. And if you just want to tell us the hotel you've been dying to check out for a night, we can do that too.  


Do You only Do Larger Trips?

We love the excitement of planning the vacation that you've been dreaming about, but we also like the basics of booking a hotel by the airport for that early business meeting.  We can do as little or as much as you need.  We want to make all aspects of your travel easy.  Letting us handle everything lets you focus on enjoying.    


I already have elite status with the top hotel brands, why would I bookk through you?

Elite status is great! Think of booking it through us as getting you double Elite status. They know our name, which means they know yours. One giant step up from being a member number.


What's in it For Me?

The trust that you've got someone on your side from start to finish.  Check out Why Us for even more benefits. 
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